Friends of Puna's Future

Pooling Our Time, Talent and Money to Improve and Preserve the Life, Land and Aloha of Puna


Pohoiki Road

You are invited to join your neighbors in community action.

Friends of Puna's Future (FoPF) is a nonprofit 501(c)4 organization comprised of concerned Puna residents, businesses and associations working together to lobby for long overdue changes in the Puna district.

Are you affected by a lack of:

  • Police Protection?
  • Medical Services?
  • Transportation?
  • Highway Safety?
  • Business Opportunity?
  • Quality Education?
  • Child Care?
  • Environmental Protection?
  • Crosswalks?
  • Recreation Areas?
  • Parks?
  • Trash Collection?
  • Postal Services?
  • Zoning?
  • General Law Enforcement?
  • County Infrastructure?
  • Ocean Access?

The time has come for Puna to organize as the central player in its own future. Bystanding and apathy will encourage and empower others to decide our future for us.

Our Puna Communities have individual needs, yet share common concerns. All of Puna suffers from poor infrastructure, lack of planning and a history of government that has disregarded the Puna District's remedies to its own problems.

FoPF supports solutions to improving Puna infrastructure which honor broad-based concerns of Puna residents. We will push for implementation of the Puna Community Development Plan, and promote cooperative efforts that empower Puna communities.

FoPF presently is organizing advisory committees to survey Puna residents before we act on issues of concern. As membership increases, FoPF will further organize by sub-district to ensure participation by all communities in Puna.

Friends of Puna's Future Supports:

  • The Puna Community Development Plan (PCDP)
  • Safe and sane Hwy. 130 improvements
  • Village center development
  • A sustainable future
  • Diversified economy
  • Diversified agriculture
  • Park improvements
  • A rural and agricultural lifestyle
  • Hawaiian cultural heritage
  • Clean air, clean land, clean ocean
  • Biosphere Reserve
  • Those in need
  • Comprehensive medical facility in Puna.

Friends of Puna's Future Opposes:

  • Neglect of our people's safety, health and education
  • Paternalistic leadership
  • Genetically modified organisms
  • Lack of concurrency in county government
  • Misguided grading and destruction of native forest
  • Bloated public works and consulting contracts
  • Domestic violence


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